9 thoughts on “Possibilities for Evolution: Artists Experimenting in Art Museums”

  1. This reflexion is really interesting, I do believe that artists need to be more present in the Museum but I also believe that they don’t usually have the keys to introduce their creation and their way of thinking to the different audiences. That is why we need Educators to create that link and to bring the message to the audiences.

    Catherine Grenier, co-headmaster of the National Modern Art Museum in France has wrote an amazing book about how museums have to evolve and be focused on the audiences as she says “public museums”. It would need to gather all implications at once : artistics, culturals, socials and politics. At the same time redefine the relationship of the museum with its partners, artists, researchers and educators. I don’t think her book has been translated yet I hope it will be. It is called “La fin des musées” (The End of Museums).

    In France in 1982 we chose to create a new format of cultural institution, called The FRAC dedicated to Contemporary Art, new creations and the artists, if you are interested I wrote an article about it on my blog here is the link :

    I am looking forward to see the next articles about that subject.

    1. Agathe – thanks for your great comments. And I hope that book gets translated soon (although I might be able to make my way through it a bit with my limited French). I so appreciate the perspective from museums and museum professionals outside of the US, and love the way you frame museum education as “pedagogical actions.” Fantastic!

  2. Welcome to Korea. I was excited when i saw your name on the forum’s web. (I’m a museum educator living in Seoul.) I really enjoy reading all the posts from Artmuseumteaching.com, also discussed topics of someone’s posts from here with my museum educators. I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend the forum. However, I hope you’ll have a great time in Korea meating wonderful people. Yeongwol will welcome you with beautiful fall foliage!

    1. Jemma – thanks for your kind words. I’m so excited about the trip to Korea next week, and looking forward to meeting museum educators there. And, please do consider submitting some posts that can shine some light on the museum education work happening across Korea (I really would like to include more perspectives from outside the US).

  3. I wanted to add a great quote/thought from Nina Simon here, which did not make it into my post, but should have. It raises an interesting point about the leverage that artists can provide for art museums interested in experimenting in more participatory work. In addition to this type of practice being more welcome in Education departments, it also seem more welcome if it comes from artists (2 possible ingredients for success). Here is Nina’s thought from her April 2011 blog post:

    “Art museums are the least likely to empower their own staff to initiate participatory projects, but the most likely to work with artists whose approach to participation might be quite extreme.”

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